Hadid Coffee Street

Hands down, our favorite coffee cart in our city. Read on to find out why.

7/18/20231 min read

Hadid Coffee Street is tucked away on a street corner in the Laem Taen area of Bangsaen.

Proprietors Earth and Dream will serve you delicious coffee every Tuesday to Sunday from 7:00–12:00.

Earth is a professional runner, and as Bangsaen is home to three of the most prestigious road running events on the calendar, he's right at home.

The Americanos with yuzu, coconut or peach are heavenly.

The secret to the coffee tasting so good is his home blend of coffee beans. Choose the Single Origin if you're in need of a pick-me-up or House Blend for a sweeter, gentler drink.

The location is perfect, steps away from the sea at Laem Taen

The coffee served is far from your standard varieties; although they're available, the menu has some unique options on it, which we urge you to try.